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Pest Control

Ridgeside falconry can take care of your pests, using only highly trained hawks and falcons ridgeside falconry offers a more humane way to clear pests.

Using our birds of prey we can effectively remove or reduce the nuisance of flying vermin such as pigeons, starlings, rooks crows etc. Our control methods are environmentally friendly and can be applied in a wide variety of locations such as -

* Landfill sites
* Sports stadiums
* Factory premises
* Office buildings
* Farm crops

Ridgeside's falconry team are some of the most experienced and dedicated falconers in the UK, ensuring that the hawk or falcon is under strict command at all times during the entire proceedure.

Please contact Ridgeside Falconry for more information or advice.

t: +44 (0)1388 420 204    e: phill@falconry-displays.co.uk
before pest control - lots of birds
after pest control - using falcons and hawks