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History & Experience

Phillip Gibbons is Ridgeside Falconry's Head Falconer and is the founder of the display team.

Phill has been interested in Birds of Prey since he was 9 years old, his interest started when an RSPB Officer gave him a young Tawny Owl to nurse back to the wild.

This early experience with birds of prey led him to become interested in Falconry at a much higher level. Phill trained his first hawk at the tender age of only 13 years. He is now established as one of the most experienced dedicated falconers in the UK. He is a regular visitor the U.S.A and the North American Falconers Association field meets and some of the photographs in our 'gallery' page were taken during some of his visits.

You will find all of our team are just as dedicated as Phill so a thrilling display of falconry skills and expert tuition is guaranteed during our demonstrations and hawking days.

t: +44 (0)1388 420 204    e: phill@falconry-displays.co.uk
Phill sat with a bird
Phill out working a bird