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Ridgeside Falconry Hawking Days

Ridgeside falconry offers the chance for you to experience falconry first hand on one of our amazing hawking days.

Hawking days with Ridgeside Falconry is the perfect solution for those of you who would like to experience the thrill of hunting with a hawk. Our days are not a substitute for a full hawking course but under close supervision by experienced falconers you will get a feel for the sport as well as watching a variety of hawks such as Goshawks, Harris Hawks, Red Tails and Falcons fly free and pursue quarry in it's natural state.

We can can cater for parties of all sizes and will also arrange Corporate Days for your company or organisation.

Please contact us for more information.

t: +44 (0)1388 420 204    e: phill@falconry-displays.co.uk
Ridgeside Falconry Hawking Party
Ridgeside Falconry Corporate Days