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Lurcher Displays

Ridgeside Lurchers invites you to experience the full speed hunting abilities of the lurcher. In the arena they will race, at full speed, chasing the electric lure. They offer a fast, action-packed demonstration with an informative and humourous commentary by Phill.

Ridgeside Lurcher Displays provide an ideal entertainment solution for medieval fairs, dog shows and hunting events, and can be booked as a standalone display or to compliment Ridgeside Falconry Displays.

The public will have the chance to "have a go" with their own dogs - whatever their breed!

The highlight of Ridgeside's demonstration is a race between the lurchers and a hawk - they are the only demonstration to offer this amazing spectacle.

t: +44 (0)1388 420 204    e: phill@falconry-displays.co.uk

Lurcher hunting displayLurcher hunting show