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Welcome to Ridgeside Falconry

We are the largest mobile Falconry display team in the Country providing County Shows, Carnivals, Fairs and Special Event Days with an outstanding Falconry display (Birds of Prey and Lurcher Demonstrations).

We have also supplied and handled birds of prey for TV and film productions, corporate entertainment and team building events, along with school educational visits.

Our Birds of Prey Demonstrations consist of a static display of approximately 15 Birds of Prey from around the world, including owls, falcons, hawks, eagles and vultures, plus spectacular free flying displays lasting between 20-30 minutes each.

In addition to the specialist falconry demonstrations, our displays also include hunting dogs and lurchers. We explore the working relationship between bird of prey and lurchers, inviting you to experience their full speed hunting abilities.

We supply arena fencing for the safety of spectators and our hawks and a state or the art radio microphone sound system to ensure that even the largest crowds enjoy the display.

All hawks are in prime flying condition providing the most exciting falconry demonstration in the UK.

Click through the website to learn more about our range of services and experience including our Hawking Days, Pest Control and Corporate Days.

t: +44 (0)1388 420 204    e: phill@falconry-displays.co.uk

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